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The Earth Star Chakra, known as the Super Root, connects to your feet and base chakras and is located about 12-18 inches below the soles of your feet. It’s the grounding point for the entire chakra system, connecting you with the core energies of the Earth and Universal grids, matrices, and other energetic systems held within the planet. 

When your Earth Star chakra is vibrant and healthy you feel grounded, connected, serene, balanced and supported in everything you do in life.  A healthy, balanced Earth Star chakra is also vital for energy healers because it anchors the healer's personal energy matrix into Earth while simultaneously repelling extraneous, discordant energy during energy healing sessions.

Another beautiful benefit of the Earth Star Chakra for everybody is that it anchors the soul’s mission into your physical reality by integrating Earth's physical energy with your Divine Soul Plan: enabling you to accomplish what you came to do as a human being. Learn more about the Earth Star Chakra 
by downloading my FREE Earth Star Chakra eCourse and receive a FREE MP3 of my Finding Your Center Reiki meditation to balance your energies (download available here.)
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Spiritual cleansing is the process of clearing and removing lower level, interfering energies. Many people, especially empaths, have an acute sensitivity to dense energetic debris known as negative energy. Clearing and harmonizing your spiritual energy, such as your aura, chakras and human energy field is greatly beneficial to your quality of life.

The aura is a subtle, luminous field of energy that surrounds all living organisms. If you're suffering or experiencing difficulty in life you may have some lower level debris in your energy field that may require clearing out. A simple, invigorating way to cleanse your own energy and aura field is to take the following spiritual cleansing bath.

Spiritual Cleansing Elixir Bath:
1. 1/4 cup of sea salt.
2. 3 drops of lavender, sage, rose, or frankincense oil.
3. 1 cleansed and charged clear quartz, rose quartz or smokey quartz crystal (the crystal can be any size) and gently place it in the water. You can add more crystals if you're inspired to do so.

4. Say a prayer, mantra or affirmation over the water as it's filling up the tub. You can say any of the following: 1. Divine Creator God please bless this water and myself. 2. Universal Divine Intelligence and Mother Earth please cleanse, clear and clarify me with the highest frequencies of energy.  3. Mother Earth please clarify these sacred healing waters to purify and cleanse me of all energy no longer useful or contributory to my highest expression of life. Also, feel free to create your own mantra or prayer that inspires you. 
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The energies of the eclipse, the 8:8:8, the full moon, Mercury in retrograde, and the hurricane have caused many to feel the intensive squeeze, push, pull and release of deeply rooted, core energies.  The echoes of old issues are coming up again to be fully transmuted and released once and for all.  Since the crescendo of intensive high frequency light energy since January 2017, the lower denser energies are continuing to move out en mass. The echoes of old personal, familial, and collective core energetics inculcated within the matrices of the planet are being DE-constructed and extracted at rapid rates.  Coinciding with these extractions is the transfigurement of carbon-based DNA structures into crystalline, light-based DNA structures so that the human body can literally EMBODY more crystalline and light energy that's been streaming onto the planet since January.  This process will continue in the years to come, but these times right now are the most significant because it's the first time ever that such high frequency energies have come to this planet.  The Earth and humanity have been preparing for these times and the arrival of these energies for centuries and the time is Now. We're so fortunate to be alive as this new energy anchors onto the planet and into our atomic structures.  All of us are right now going through the ascension process of humanity, life, Earth and the galaxy: all of us.  

The following I AM mantra is designed to support your heart's ability to expand to give and receive more love as we collectively move through this process.  Even though it may be challenging to remember in these rapidly changing (and seemingly difficult) times, the whole reason for our existence is to BE LOVE - in everything we do and everything we are.  BEing in the harmonic of love allows you live blissfully BEING the vibration of bliss in all that you do and all that you are. Living in this state brings forth higher frequency energy to every situation that you're in which breeds the highest outcomes and optimum experience for all involved.  Life is still going to have challenges as we move through this DE-construction/RE-construction process; however, living consciously will support your ability to bring your best self into every moment that you live. Remember what Nikola Tesla said, If you want to understand the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency & vibration.  

YOU are part of the Universe. You are energy. Your vibration is your frequency which affects your consciousness and your life.   Here is your heart expansion mantra.

I AM hopeful and inspired by life right now.
The changes in my life always lead me to a renewed sense of encouragement. 
I embrace the hope that always comes with new beginnings.

I AM supported. I AM ready. I AM grateful. I AM empowered. I AM loved. I AM Divine Creation.  I AM Human. 

I also want to lovingly remember Princess Diana today. It was 20 years ago today, August 31, 1997 that our beloved Princess Diana passed returned to Spirit. I'd like to share a loving reminder of one of her many legacies: being the Queen of Hearts where she lived fully in her humanity from her heart.  I invite you to do the same.
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When you learn Reiki you learn to draw and/or silently say the symbols three times.  Why is it taught this way? Because of the Law of Three. The Law of Three is an Absolute. The Law of Three, or the law of three principles, or three forces states that every event and every phenomenon requires three forces to occur. The forces are: a positive or active force, a negative or passive force, and a neutralizing or reconciling force. Think: cause, influence and effect.

Drawing and saying the symbols three times creates a link among the energies of the Reiki healer - the person being healed - and Reiki energy.  The Law of Three creates harmony and supports healing all three aspects of Self:  body, mind and soul which supports the Whole BEing. 

​Even if you're not a Reiki healer, try using the Law of Three when you want to manifest something and see what happens.

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Earth Angels
Earth Angels are souls that have an innate sense of environment, the elements and all of their six senses are highly developed. Earth angels choose nursing, healing and teaching as professions.

Incarnated Angels
Incarnated Angels are incarnated Ascended Masters or Archangels in human form. For example Mother Mary may come back as an Incarnated Angel and Krishna and Buddha can too. These souls are natural born leaders and teachers and people are drawn to their charm like magnets. Incarnated angels typically choose spiritual healing/teaching, politics, social work, and world peace, etc. as their profession.

Mystic Stars
Mystic Stars are people are natural readers of astrology and astronomy and basically anything to do with the cosmos and planets. They also make powerful healers, fortunetellers, scientists and astrologers. 
<![CDATA[What IS a Lightworker?]]>Wed, 23 Aug 2017 15:22:21 GMThttp://sacred-energy-healing.com/blog/what-is-a-lightwkrker8032422
Lightworkers are souls who've incarnated to help raise the energetic vibrations of humanity and the planet by spreading the Light of Creator God Consciousness. They incarnate as evolved souls with inherent spiritual wisdom they bring with them into life which allows them to recognize and remain loving as they experience and witness the challenges of earthly life. Their inherent spiritual wisdom gives them the know-how for what to do to change various situations for the better. They're here to anchor more Divine Light on the planet.

Lightworkers chose to be incarnate , OR, they may be a "walk in." They live their lives blending with society, holding regular jobs, having families and usually do their Lightwork under the radar.  They'll often led double lives in that they blend in the normalcy of everyday life in society, but they're also profoundly adept at the esoteric, healing arts, and are extremely intuitive. They have both a personal soul contract to fulfill and a social soul contract to fulfill.

They decide their personal and social soul contracts prior to incarnation. Their personal contracts include getting married, having children, working as a hairdresser, etc. and their social contract would include teaching, learning, energy healing, performing spiritual sermons, etc.

Lightworkers often feel a sense of urgency of which they're unaware; but it feels like they're rushed to learn and accomplish something and learn and need to hurry and learn things. Their fascinated by the unknown and predictability is mundane.

Lightworkers are filled with wisdom and Light and in prior lifetimes on Earth they could have lived as saints, nuns, politicians, witches, and even Kings. They've always been empaths and psychic serving as a connecting bridge between the visible and invisible. The three categories of Lightworkers are Earth Angels, Incarnated Angels and Mystic Stars, 
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The Vesica Pisces is a symbol comprised of two symmetrical and overlapping circles. Specifically, the space where the two circles intersect is the Vesica Pisces. The sacred geometric structure of the Vesica Pisces holds the consciousness of creation in the Universe. The origins of this ancient symbol are rooted in the unification of opposing systems. The divine connection between As Above/So Below, Masculine/Feminine, Light/Dark, and so forth reflects the perfect balance and harmonized nature of the Universe and life on planet Earth.  The vibrational frequency of Vesica Pisces holds the consciousness of understanding that all forces of nature have an opposing force which is integral to complete understanding of the totality of our Universe and how it has been designed to support life as we know it. What you are seeing now is the dissolution of the old structures that have held the systems of duality and polarity in place. As with all forms of de-con-struc-tion - there must be a breakage, a fall, a breakdown of the old in order to design the new and erect the new structures that will hold the new paradigms, the new foundations, the New Earth. 

We've lived for millennia in the dualist system of polarity and it's within this system that we've chosen to learn and understand our living reality on Earth: inclusive of all of its multidimensional realities. In this dualistic system you cannot fully appreciate the Light without Darkness, without Night you cannot fully appreciate the Day, without Action you cannot appreciate Stillness, without Male you cannot fully appreciate Female. It is this perfection and harmonized balance of the natural Universe that sustains and creates Life as we know it. The sacred wisdom of this understanding is that balanced harmony complements and reflects opposites, and the other. Yes, we are One: we are all unique reflections of the One in the woven tapestry of Life.

The primary and sacred focus of the Vesica Pisces is balance and harmony.  Reflect, visualize and meditate upon the Vesica Pisces to bring forth new endeavors, new projects, birth, rebirth, health, peace, harmony and creation into your living reality.  Remember, imbalances occur within the body/consciousness when aspects of it have been fractured, fragmented and separated from the whole system.  Embracing the Vescia Pisces will support unifying your system back to Wholeness.
The Vesica Pisces supports your harmonized reconnection, reunification, and relationship with the Whole: the whole of you, your community, the world, the Earth, the Universe and the One. The Vesica Pisces' sacred geometric structure is also very useful when you want to support reconnecting with those that may have been led astray from you, themselves, or life.  The Vesica Pisces is a gentle, sacred symbol from the Universe that provides and brings forth harmony, balance, peace and love. 
You are loved. You are valued. You are Divine.
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Mantras are like seeds. Just like seeds have the potential to become a tree, the vibrations from sounds contain the potentials of possibilities for creation.
A mantra is a tool of power and their words, tone, harmonic and sound create form - manifestation. The word Mantra means “to free the mind.”  Mantras free the mind to create that which the consciousness intends.  This is why it's important to be mindful of your thoughts and your speech.  Because you really are creating your reality through that which you think, you speak and your vibration. 
<![CDATA[Your Natural Resource]]>Sun, 13 Aug 2017 05:47:36 GMThttp://sacred-energy-healing.com/blog/august-12th-2017
How are you spending yours?
<![CDATA[Past Lives @ the Infinite Soul]]>Fri, 11 Aug 2017 15:45:52 GMThttp://sacred-energy-healing.com/blog/past-lives-the-infinite-soul
How does an ancestor connect with someone if they've already reincarnated? 

​You are an infinite soul living many different lives on many different timelines. Therefore, the aspect of your consciousness that presents at a particular point in TIME will connect with whomever is seeking to connect with that aspect. I know this is how I'm able to do soul retrievals, tap into past life timelines and capture details from various lifetimes, etc. When I tune into a past life I see that timeline still running on some level. It's mind-boggling and I believe when humans are able to use more of their brain capacity we'll understand how the construct of time works even more than we do now. It's pretty phenomenal!
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Your state of being is all about vibration. Acknowledging where you're at emotionally will enable you to choose thoughts, actions and vibrations to move you into a more joyful state. Did you know the action of smiling physiologically puts you in a better mood? Try it and connect with the frequency of happiness and joy - your natural state of being. You were born that way - that's why they call babies "little bundles of joy." That's YOU
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One of my favorite Archangels, Archangel Uriel's name means "The Light of God. Archangel Uriel is known brings forth wisdom, intellectual information and geniusness in problem solving.

He is subtle and answers prayers in sudden brilliant ways. Archangel Uriel heals natural calamities and the Earth. He is an angel of Transformation & Transmutation. Call on him and his golden light to release any of your painful burdens and memories of the past
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Symbols and images come from the depths of human experience and consciousness. They serve the purpose of revealing to us the deepest, esoteric and most profound aspects of reality that can't be explained by the limitations of a verbal language or other explanations. 
The symbol used in Reiki have been used by so many for so long that they've reached the point where they can uncover our hurts and fears, our wants and desires, and our hopes. Energy follows intent. Reiki symbols manifest astral concepts into physical reality because they are tools of transformation. They grant the Reiki healer access to the unlimited light energies present and available on the astral/etheric realms without having to astral project to access them. 
Instead of being only partially aware of Reiki energy we become fully aware of our inner and outer worlds of infinite energy. Psychoanalyst Carl Jung explains how we establish the basis for a dialogue with the inner self through the use of symbols and images that our conscious mind can respond to.  Reiki symbols help all of us do just that, establish a dialog/channel to the Reiki energy. Even if you don't believe it with your MentalMind, your SoulMind does.

Reiki works even if you don't believe in Reiki.  Reiki is pure universal light energy that always positively affects other energy and as energy beings all energy interacts with the energy around it on some level.
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All energy interacts with other energy. Your personal ​energy interacts with the energies of people, plants, animals, minerals, soil, and the energy vortices around Earth.

A Vortex is a geographical area with an inherent intense concentration of desirable energy (sometimes undesirable if there's a lot of congestion) moving through it (think of your lungs breathing air in and out). Dr. Ernst Hartmann discovered these energy line patterns​ we know as vortices. Energy lines are ​spaced about 15 feet apart from one another and run in a north-south and east-west direction forming a huge energetic grid over the entire planet. Since the Hartmann grid runs over the entire planet there's a big chan​c​e your home is located over one​ ​or​​ ​more of these lines of energy - which naturally projects/emits energy into your home (even if you live in a multi dwelling). When you use something called dowsing rods, you can detect and locate these lines​ ​of energ​y​. If you're naturally sensitive to energy you can probably feel a vortex by walking over it.
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Consciously tapping into the Power of the Universe with all that you are will expedite that which you want to create in your life. YOU ARE THAT POWERFUL!
#spiritualrenaissanc #createwithintentiom
<![CDATA[Spirit Animal Message]]>Tue, 18 Jul 2017 18:46:41 GMThttp://sacred-energy-healing.com/blog/spirit-animal-message
I received this message from a butterfly I saved from the street in July 2017.
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Sometimes it takes a catalytic illness, a divorce, financial ruin, loss of a loved one, or some other traumatic, but profound life changing event to inspire (in-spirit) someone to Wake Up.  What does it mean to "wake up" in the spiritual sense.  It means to wake up to the profound world of spiritual vital force energy and connections around you.  So many folks walk through life in a numbed out in a "sleep state."  They go through the motions, doing what they're told, what they've been conditioned to do and what they think they SHOULD be doing because of some contrived definition of success.  They've become disconnected to the truth that lies within their own hearts and souls and live as mere robots doing the same thing, day after day, thinking the same thoughts day after day and before they realize it they're life is half over.  If someone waits too long to embrace what's in their hearts and souls, the Universe will take care of it and create a "shake up" to "wake up" experience.  This can come in the form of a mid life crisis, a divorce, a death, financial loss, or some other catastrophic and traumatic life event.

You don't have to wait to have a negative catalyst though to wake up.  You can do it consciously and begin the beautiful exploratory process of tuning into your heart and your soul allowing them to be your compass for life.  How do I do that you ask? Begin doing what you love.  Begin doing what makes you laugh.  Begin doing what makes you feel like you're having a good time.  Share your affection and love with those that you do love.  Then when you're ready share your love vibe with others then do so with a smile, kindness, and simply being an optimistic and positive person on a daily basis.  It doesn't mean faking kindness and positivity - it means being authentically true to you and the rest will follow.

Begin making small positive life changes today.  Don't know what to do? Then simply drink an extra glass of water every day.  That's a small but BIG step to taking better care of yourself and connecting you with the primary building block of life on our big blue planet - WATER.  We are a blue planet that is fundamentally composed of water.  EVERY LIVING thing on this planet necessitates water for life.  Water is the building block of life as we know it here.  Other planets have other fundamental building blocks for life on their planets. We're unable to ascertain life on those planets yet because we aren't there technologically yet, we're not sophisticated enough technologically, yet.  But we're getting there.  

Life on Earth is an amazing thing. Embrace yours, live yours, and BE HAPPY with yours.  It is a precious gift, and a very powerful gift you've been given to have a human form to express your true divinity in these amazing, transformative times.  
YOU are amazing.
YOU are a miracle,
YOU are powerful, and most importantly,
<![CDATA[What Are You Creating?]]>Sun, 16 Jul 2017 15:44:28 GMThttp://sacred-energy-healing.com/blog/what-are-you-creating
What you think about is reflected in your aura.  What you feel becomes anchored in your energy field.  What you repeatedly feel and think about and BELIEVE becomes real.  How are you visioning your future?
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